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Southwest Systems/EZ Balancer customers; If you would like a photo of your airplane included on this page, email us at info@ezbalancer.com

Steve's Waco with a Moki 215 and Soloprops Adjustable Pitch Propeller

Porterfield Collegiate - 13-3/4" span scratch built Model by Don Simons

A beautiful Corsair Model by Mike Pontelle

Yellow Aircraft P-47 with Yellow Retracts
Another beauty by Mike Pontelle

'Miss Linney' a beautiful Waco by Steve Lanning of California.

Full Scale 1941 Porterfield Collegiate

Full Scale EAA Acro Sport 1
Owned and flown by Jay Mealy AMA Programs Director. Previously owned by Dave Brown, AMA President

Extreme Flight 88" span YAK 54 ARF 17 lbs. 3oz.
Another beautiful model by Steve Lanning

This space available for another beautiful Model or Full Size Airplane.

Skymaster Jets F-4 with Jet Cat P-160
Dubai, United Emirates
Great Planes Performance Series Ultimate
Damon Gaskin Ultimate
Owner, Damon Gaskin. It's a beauty! 12.8 lbs. OS 160. Wing span 65". Balanced on an EZ Balancer Lite
40% Carden Extra 260
A real beauty by Mitch & Tracy Kral
A Beautiful Gee Bee. What an amazing Airplane
Owned by Hannes Lutzenberger of Germany
Hannes Gee Bee on EZ Balancer II

Pictures of gorgeous models wanted for this spot