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Link Exchanges    Note: We do not monitor any of these links. If they have changed or are no longer viable, we apologize for any inconvenience.
           www.boomarc.com  Booma RC in Australia 
           www.cicondors.com     Channel Island Condors
           www.dbproducts.com    Dave Brown Products       
           www.dietrichaircraft.com  Some truly beautiful Giant Scale Models
           www.donshobbyshop.com   One of the best Giant Scale sites
           www.dreamworksrc.com Dreamworks Model Products
           www.franktiano.com      Frank Tiano Enterprises
           www.friendlyhobbies.com   Friendly Hobbies
         www.innov8tivedesigns.com   Electric motors, chargers, and batteries. Nice 
                                                  people to work with and they give great service
            www.streetcarpoboysonline.com  One of my favorite eateries in Las Vegas

Professional Organizations...

www.fly-imaa.org    IMAA Website

www.modelaircraft.org   Academy of Model Aeronautics Website

www.aopa.org.    A great organization for those who fly full size Aircraft

www.eaa.org.     Another great organization for those who fly full size


Cool Sites we like to visit
          www.jumbolair.com     Love to live there someday
          www.lvtrikes.com        Some truly unbelievable Trikes
          www.earth.google.com    Almost like actually flying over parts of the earth
          www.custombuiltmachines.com  They build some really nice Hot Rods and do excellent custom and machine shop work.

1941 Porterfield Collegiate

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